Chocolate in the city

A fun and tasty Chocolate Tour in Antwerpen!!!!chocolate line (4)

Why do we sometimes have the urge to put our teeth into a piece of chocolate?

That shiny chunck of happiness that melts on your tongue …

I was the first tourguide in Antwerpen with a Chocolate Tour, and it was a pleasure to create it.

Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate. The fascinating story of origin, the wonderful and healing aspects of chocolate, … Everything is covered.
Chocoladewandeling Carolien Krijnen (5)

On this tour we dive into the history of chocolate and how it found its way to our regions. You will learn everything about the precious beans which were literally a means of payment in the time of the Mayas and Aztecs. The drink made from them, a powerful medicine in 16th-century Europe, an extravagant stimulant at the courts of powerful kings and emperors, and the ideal gift to the one you love, hoping the feeling will be, Stadsgids Antwerpen, Carolien Krijnen

You will learn how the “praline” conquered the world, the ever popular delicacy that was invented by a Belgian in 1912 and still is produced the old fashioned way. We take a look inside a few specialized chocolatiers and you will of course have the opportunity to taste some delicious Belgian chocolates.

You will also hear why chocolate is good for you. And, eating chocolate will not only make you feel better, you will also look better !!

We visit the Chocolate Line in the former Royal Palace on the Meir, Neuhaus in the Wilde Zee and Marcolini who prepares his chocolate delicacies in a unique way.

At Mary‘s you will discover the favorite chocolates of the memebers of our Royal Family and you will learn why.Stadsgids Antwerpen, Carolien Krijnen

  • From Tuesday to Saturday (during ‘shopping hours’ only)
  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Price: 25euro pp based on a minimum of 15 participants.


Info and reservation, click here.

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