Antwerp. Brilliant diamond capital, international port, creative fashion hub and melting pot of international cuisine. A city with a fascinating and rich history. A city that is centrally located with a compact core but with an international allure.
A city that has it all.

Eager to learn more? With a local, who has made a full-time job out of taking people on tours through this city? Then I am your perfect partner.

My name is Carolien Krijnen and I am a certified tour guide, affliated with Tourism Flanders since 2004. I consider myself not only a tour guide but also a storyteller, and my greatest pleasure is bringing Antwerps history, buildings and famous citizens back to live.

Due to the current corona measures, guided tours can be held with a maximum of 9 people, excluding myself. All my tours are designed and adapted for this. Groups smaller than 9 are of course also welcome!

Once we’ve come to an arrangement, I will  be happy to give you insider tips about suitable accommodation in the center of Antwerp, fun activities, the best places to go for lunch, dinner, where to shop, …

Pick one of the themed walking tours, developed especially for you, your colleagues, clients, friends or relatives and I will let you (re)discover this city from different perspectives.



Fun walking tours in Antwerpen with Carolien Krijnen