Antwerp. Brilliant diamond capital, international port, creative fashion hub and melting pot of international cuisine. A city with a fascinating and rich history. A city that is centrally located with a compact core but with an international allure.
A city that has it all.

Eager to learn more? With a local, who has made a full-time job out of taking people on tours through this city? Then I am your perfect partner.

My name is Carolien Krijnen and I am a certified tour guide, affliated with Tourism Flanders since 2004. I consider myself not only a tour guide but also a storyteller, and my greatest pleasure is bringing Antwerps history, buildings and famous citizens back to live.

Pick one of the themed walking tours, developed especially for you, your colleagues, clients, friends or relatives and I will let you (re)discover this city from different perspectives.



Fun walking tours in Antwerpen with Carolien Krijnen