Antwerp is the undisputed diamond capital of the entire world. With no fewer than 4 of the 30 diamond exchanges that all over the world, and the expertise that has prevailed here for centuries, our city on the river is a truly brilliant city.

Today, around 85% of all rough diamonds are traded via Antwerp.

But history goes way back. Antwerp has played an important role in the diamond trade and diamond industry since the 15th century.

Step back in time and walk past to present through the fascinating diamond history of Antwerp.

We start our journey on the recently renovated De Keyserlei and walk straight into the Square Mile, the heart of the diamond district.

We walk past the 4 diamond bourses in the city (no visit allowed) and your guide will explain to you how the trading in precious little stones is done.

You will learn everything about the 4 Cs and the importance of northern light. And how on earth do you create that sparkling reflection in all the colors of the rainbow in the noblest of all gemstones that, when it is given or received, comes with a universal frase.
‘I love you.’

We end our tour in the historical city center where you could continue your quest for diamonds at DIVA, the Antwerp diamondmuseum.

Stadsgids Antwerpen, Carolien Krijnen

  • Maximum 20 participants.
  • From Monday till Friday.
  • Duration: 2  hours
  • Price (VAT/BTW excluded)::
    • 17€ pp (from 15 participants)
    • Meetingpoint: Central Station
    • End: Grote Markt
    • For smaller groups;
      • Up to and including 4 participants: 175€ in total.
      • For each additional participant: 7€
        • Example: 6 participants = 175€ + (2×7€) = 189€
        • Example: 9 participants = 175€ + (5×7€) = 210€

Info and reservation, click here.

This tour can be expanded with a festive glass of French champagne with ‘amuse’ at an exclusive location. Please contact me for more details.

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