Historic Antwerp with a twist

3-10-05 (12)

Why do Antwerp people call their children “pagadders“?
Why do they call the castle “The Stone”? Who is this guy  “Lange Wapper”?
What about this giant, chopping off hands?
Why was Antwerp’s most famous citizen, Rubens, reluctant to talk about his childhood, and what part did the Dutch king have in that?

On this entertaining walking tour through the historic city centre you’ll learn about famous and infamous Antwerp citizens and legendary creatures from the last centuries.Foto 021

Engage in the history of this city through the stories of historical buildings and their inhabitants.

Most of the stories & legends came to life in the 16th century or Antwerp’s Golden Age when this place was the centre of what we now know as Europe.

Meet me in front of the city hall and discover the charms of this city.handje

  • Maximum 25 participants.
  • From Monday till Sunday.
  • Duration: 2  hours
  • Price (VAT/BTW included)::
    • 15€ pp (from 17 participants)
    • including tasting of 2 typical Antwerp regional products.
    • Meetingpoint: Grote Markt
  • Fot smaller groups;
    • Up to and including 4 participants: 190€ in total.
    • For each additional participant: 5€
      • Example: 6 participants = 190€ + (2×5€) = 200€
      • Example: 9 participants = 190€ + (5×5€) = 215€
      • Example: 15 participants = 190€ + (11×5€) = 245€

Info and reservation, click here.

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