Antwerp at your feet!

Antwerp has a lot of museums, and this historic old port, is house to one of the most impressive ones, the MAS.IMG_0583

This colosal “Museum aan de Stroom” or Museum by the river” was the big boost this once so bustling neighborhood neede to reach new hights.

I will take you on a journey from the past of this old port area to a modern jewel of urban renewal.


Parading on the boulevard along the docks it’s easy to imagine yourself in a luxurious resort on the French Riviera.
But not too long ago, also here there was a time when stapping aboard of a ship was a way out for many, rather than relaxation for the happy few.

Imagine the uncertainty of migrants who left everything and everyone behind when boarding or trying to board a Red Star Line ship hoping to build a new life with unknown opportunities in another world.lichtstraat

Admire the Felixwarehouse which literally holds the city’s memories in storage, the archives, and where you can enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at Felix Nu in a wonderfully renovated historical building.

And for those interested in the port of Antwerp, we will visit the Port Pavilion which will show you the immense span of the Antwerp port, the second largest port in Europe.

The floor of the pavilion is composed of a satellite photo. Try to find our current location if you can!IMG_0592

Marvel at the various projects which give you a good impression of how this neighborhood will look like in a few years. A fusion of past and present, with a hopeful look to the future.

We cross the parkbridge and venture along an old characteristic neighborhood, which culminates in a brand new huge square, the Schengenplein.

The highlight of this tour is a visit of the unique promenade with escalators all the way to the rooftop of the MAS (weather permitting) where the whole city will be at your feet.

To finish the tour, we visit one of the nice pubs in the neighborhood for a drink. A trendy bar, a sailor café, a sunny terrace overlooking the water …

  • Maximum 20 participants.
  • From Monday till Saturday.
  • Duration: 2 to 2,5 hours
  • Price (VAT/BTW excluded):
    • Up to and including 4 participants: 210€ in total.
    • For each additional participant: 12€
      • Example: 6 participants = 210€ + (2×12€) = 234€
      • Example: 9 participants = 210€ + (5×12€) = 270€
  • 1 drink pp and MAS souvenir includedI MAS there


Info and reservation, click here.


Rooftopterrace can be closed because of weather conditions.
Rooftopterrace not wheelchair accessible.

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